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Mallorca 10K, Half Marathon/Marathon by Tommy Temple

I have just got home from a long weekend trip to Palma where I ran in the half marathon and I thought I would do a little report for our website while it is still fresh in my head for anyone from the club who may be interested in having a go in the future. We flew from Liverpool on Friday 6am £100 each with Easyjet return and we stayed in the Hotel Amic-Horizonte 4 nights h/b £200. I had originally booked to stay in the resort of Can Pastilla 5mile outside of Palma but Pat fancied a city break instead, our hotel was 2 mile from the start and was the HQ for foreign runners which mainly consisted Brits, Germans & Scandinavians. On arrival at the hotel we dropped our bags and decided to walk to the race village which was situated opposite Palma Cathedral, when we arrived it was chaos the most unorganised I have witnessed first a queue to sign a waiver then one for registration,then one for your chip which they would not give you unless you paid 5euro for insurance? What is the point of signing a waiver I asked? I was lucky some had jogged there with no money and it was way worse on Saturday. After all the stress it was time for a beer it was well in the 80s so it was good to sit and chill in the impressive setting by the lake in front of the Cathedral. Saturday was spent sightseeing in the city and walking around the old town I began to think the 'half' might be a it tougher than I thought as I knew the race snaked through here after 11k, with the temperature rising we spent the afternoon by the pool at the hotel. Sunday morning the hotel opened breakfast at 6am as half & full marathon started at 9am & the 10k at 9.20, the races were all on the same route with the 10k a 5k out & back along the seafront to the Port past our hotel and back towards the Cathedral the half then continued then into the old town after 11k
and the marathon was 2 laps of the half. After breakfast we shared a taxi with 2 German guys to the start it cool and perfect conditions with no wind but it was only 8am, after struggling in the GNR recently I decided to run round at 8min pace that should be comfortable I thought, I was wrong! 9am the gun went by now the sun was up and quite warm but that didn't bother me I like it hot I did feel for the marathon guys though, at 4k there's a long climb to the 5k turn at 8k I was wishing I was doing the 10k (won in 34.14) at 11k you enter the old town where I felt I was running round in circles as you keep coming out near the Cathedral but at least with the narrow tiled streets you were out of the sun which was now getting seriously hot. I was beginning to doubt I would get my 1.45 target but managed to hold on for 1.44.05 (won in 1.12) I met up with Pat and began to walk back toward our hotel on the promenade stoping for a beer on the way watching the poor marathon runners in the now baking 30plus Celsius run up and back down the prom, the marathon was won in 2.43 with only 9 getting under 3 hours. My watch showed the half climbed 209 meters though it didn't seem that harsh to me. Unbelievably Monday was cool and cloudy and with not much to do near our hotel by the port so we went back into the old town 
With me boring Pat to death about my run the previous day. To sum up, the resorts near Palma would make for a perfect training/holiday with 15/20 miles flat traffic free paths, the race to me had a money making feel about it, 5euro for a cap, 15euro for a t,shirt , no goody bag all these are free in the Benidorm run. Don't get me started on the insurance fee!!!
Cheers Tom
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